Man Hooks Up Home Lights To His Piano


We’ve seen The Piano Guys take on the Great Wall of China, perform on the peak of the Corcovado mountain and in the rolling hills of Scotland. But their latest video takes place in a normal American neighborhood.

Surrounding by normal houses in a quaint neighborhood, The Piano Guys catapult this area into a holiday wonderland. It’s astounding what they do!

Despite the seemingly plain setting at first, The Piano Guys have something special up their sleeves. After spending days setting up and placing their instruments just so, they’re ready to bring a little Christmas cheer into the world – and boy, is their spirit bright!

While this light show and musical performance are obviously stunning, the sheer power that went into it all is even more incredible! The Piano Guys used more than 500,000 Christmas lights to make this scene look twinkling and bright.

That means there was more than 46,000 watts of electricity zapping around them and 4,900 digital channels to ensure that the entire spectrum of the 88 keys piano shone brilliantly for all to see!

A camera attached to a drone caught the video footage and recorded the beautiful Christmas spirit shining forth from these festive homes. In a twist, at the end of the video, you can spy red and blue lights flashing.

That’s because the police were actually called to the scene! That’s because The Piano Guys were shooting this in the middle of the night in a quiet community!

They showed up to check out this “disturbance.” Thankfully, the police officers were kind and allowed The Piano Guys to wrap up their music video.

Their video compilation is such a cool idea and something that their fans were eager to see. The piano truly was played and operated the entire light display. How clever!

Shortly after posting this eye-catching video, it has been shared by people all over the globe. Take a peek at The Piano Guy’s incredible video in the video below.

It’s clear these fellows are full of creativity and Christmas cheer!