Man Reaches For Her Hand


Dancing in front of an audience can be a daunting task for some people. But for MainTenanT, the talented duo featured in the video below, it’s a dream.

They take the stage with such grace and finesse, slowly centering themselves on the stage with a dramatic pause. The act that unfolds once the music gets going is something that is simply brilliant.

From the very first moment they begin their routine, they represent strength, beauty and precision. Every time you see just a glimpse of them, you know they have prepared a flawless routine together that was worth all of the countless hours of effort and months of rehearsal.

MainTenanT is actually based overseas in Europe and includes Nicolas Besnard, a professional dancer, and Shenea Booth, a world-champion acrobatic gymnast. In fact, Nicolas Besnard once performed worldwide with the group Cirque de Soleil and has been a part of thousands of shows.

Shenea Booth is a two-time world champion in acrobatic gymnastics and is still performing worldwide when she’s not practicing with Nicolas. So, it makes sense that when they combine their skills, the two together are absolutely dynamic.

Instead of starting off with an eye-catching display, they begin the performance with a gentle grasp of the hand. But as the real routine begins, it seems as though their one being because of their perfect, fluid movements.

It is amazing how there is no hesitation whatsoever from one pose to the next – and everyone in the crowd agrees! Their gasps and claps grow louder as the routine seems to become more elegant, and more impressive as it goes on.

Their routine employs amazing strength. The tricks and moves they execute are simply astounding!

At one point, Shenea walks right up Nicolas’ body. Then, he grasps her hands and elevates her straight up into the air!

Their moves are sinewy. Their routine is sultry. They are simply astonishing to watch!

Take a peek at this stunning routine for yourself in the video below. Bravo to these exquisite artists!