Man Saved Drowning Black Bear


When Florida wildlife officers were called to deal with a black bear, they weren’t expecting to have to rescue him like this!
An officer arrived in the Alligator Point neighborhood where the black bear was seen wandering. He decided the best course of action was to tranquilize the bear before safely relocating it.

But after the bear was hit with a tranquilizer dart, he panicked and ran away. He found his way to the ocean and began swimming out into the gulf, but he began losing consciousness.
Realizing the danger the bear was in, Adam Warwick, a biologist with the Wildlife Commission, knew he had to do something to keep the bear from drowning.

He jumped into the water after the bear, not thinking of how dangerous a situation he was putting himself in. As he tried to reach for the bear, the bear groggily tried to lunge at him. But by this point his limbs were starting to go limp. Adam managed to grab hold of the bear and pull the 375-pound beast back to shore!

Amazingly, Adam only suffered a minor scratch from the bear. By the time they and the groggy bear finally fell asleep. The black bear was transported safely back to the Osceola National Forest.

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