Man Sings “Sound Of Silence”


Ruhan du Toit and Deon van der Merwe from a Touch of Class performed the sounds of Silence. Lived in New York, two Jewish boy by the name of Paul Simon and Art with a funny name Garfunkel.

They were actually peers, went to the same school and were crazy about music and baseball. Especially close to the boys after the school play “Alice in Wonderland”, where Paul played the role of a White Rabbit And art Cheshire Cat. Have Art was luxurious curly hair and a handsome high voice, and Paul played on guitar and composed songs.

It was a time of buddy Holly and Elvis Presley, and, of course, men wanted to play rock-n-roll. In 1957, they released the first single, which sold well. But then fortune turned away from them.

The next disc failed, and the guys went back to school: who — at the University, who — in College. However, Simon threw creativity. However, under the influence of folksingers it has changed dramatically — instead of the simple rock-and-roll Paul began to write songs with deep meaning.

He believed that the combination of bright melodies with interesting text produces in the listener the best impression. Soon Paul again met the Art, and the Duo decided to resume cooperation. In 1964 they took the simple name of SIMON AND GARFUNKEL and released the album “Wendsday Morning 3 AM”.

As befits canonical folk, it has been fully recorded in acoustics. It was on it that the famous hit of the Duo with the mysterious name “the Sound of Silence” appeared for the first time.