Marine Dances With Daughter For Her Birthday


The bond between a father and his daughter is special. The father-daughter wedding dance is a tearjerking tradition and at a Quinceañera celebration, a dance between the pair is another emotional moment that everyone looks forward to. But this father and daughter decided to put a twist on the traditional slow dance…

When Jasmine and her Marine father took to the dance floor for their slow dance, all of their friends and family gathered around to watch the intimate moment. As Jasmine’s gown gracefully floated across the floor, her father led her as they danced to the classic song ‘My Girl’. The scene is touching and there won’t have been a dry eye in the audience. But then the music started to change.

The crowd got a surprise when Jasmine and her father changed up the dance and the uptempo song ‘Soldier Boy’ came on over the speakers. The fun loving pair suddenly sprung apart and began their contemporary dance, much to the delight of the crowd watching.

The two clearly love to dance together around the house and so what better way to celebrate Jasmine’s 15th birthday than by doing what they do best? Their dance progresses through a number of popular songs with awesome beats like MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t touch this’ and viral sensation ‘Gangnam Style’.

After a medley of their favourite songs, the music winds down and returns to the song they began with, ‘My Girl’, as they reassume their original slow dancing. Jasmine’s brother even gets in for his favourite song, making it a full family experience.

Watch the video for yourself to witness the wonderful bond between this father and daughter pairing as they celebrate her birthday in true style!

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