With over a million views in a few hours, Pentatonix’s new Christmas hit is going viral


Pentatonix has hit gold again with their upbeat spin on a Christmas classic everyone loves. It is one of the oldest carols dating back to the 16th century and possibly even earlier. “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” has its first know printed edition back in 1760, but since has been redone into many popular versions.

One of the most notable versions was Bing Crosby’s released in 1945. Many other versions have followed with now the supergroup Pentatonix putting their own unique spin on the beloved classic. Using no instruments, Pentatonix captures musician lovers of all kinds with their unique acapella sounds not only with beautiful voices, but also sound effects that put all together makes a full rich music that’s so enjoyable and amazing to listen to.

The Christmas season is full of so many memories and music is always a big part of those memories being made.

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