Native Americans Started Their Dance, Marine Interrupts With Move No One Saw Coming


With plenty of respect and little understanding of tribal culture, I see a Marine honoring two cultures. I see him dancing with the support of The People, and I see him honoring the uniform he wears (doesn’t hurt to see other Native Veterans coming up behind him.) Marines with no Native blood have been honored when they bring fallen brothers and sisters home to their People and this is a continuation of that circle.

Other cultures encourage their warriors to perform sacred war dances and I appreciate this Marine honoring these People. He chooses to dance in uniform, which means that he speaks for the rest of the Corps!

A lot of disinformation has been swirling around a US Marine dancing at the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Powwow, June 21, 2014. However, the record should show that this Marine (Lance Corporal Marland Trey Kent) was honored and respected for his participation in the Iowa Powwow, to include carrying out the American flag in the Grand Entry on Friday, June 20, 2014.

When a question arose about his participation in the dance contest as a symbolic honor to a fellow dancer and veteran, traditional dancers and veterans confirmed his participation. A lot of hard work went into the Iowa Powwow to make it good for all involved, and a lot of fine people enjoyed themselves at the dances this year.

The United States of America is really diverse. It is home to so many beautiful cultures, races, and characters. It is amazing when people from different backgrounds celebrate each other’s diversity, and appreciate each other. The video below features one of these amazing instances. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see this marine dance at a Native American event. No wonder it went viral on the internet! It is so beautiful to watch!

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