Nervous 11-Year-Old Nails Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses” And Has The Judges On Their Feet


“America’s Got Talent” is back on television, and if you haven’t started watching this season, it’s not too late. The show is working through judges’ cuts and the series still hasn’t reached the live shows. There’s plenty of time to watch the amazing talent that includes singers, acrobats, dancers, magicians, comics, and more.

So far this year my favorites include Puddles the Clown, a very sad clown with a stunning singing voice, the young girl with an amazing ventriloquist act, and several singers that have earned the judge’s and the audience’s hearts. Season after season I watch this show and I’m always amazed and impressed with the uniquely talented people that exist and go completely unnoticed. Then, they decide to audition for this reality competition show and Bam!, they’re famous—they deserve to be.

“America’s Got Talent” has a unique way of discovering talented people and introducing them to the world, often sharing their stories along the way.

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