Nervous 13-Year-Old Transforms Into Such A Rock Star Howie Forced To Slam The Golden Buzzer


Being a teenager is hard work! Not only do you have to keep your head above water when it comes to school, but you also have to navigate the turbulent sea of hormones, crushes, nagging parents and annoying siblings. Even though 13-year-old Courtney Hadwin has to deal with all of the usual teenage problems, she’s also tacked another task to her list: taking home the America’s Got Talent championship! The talented teen spent every bit of free time perfecting her audition routine and waited for this very moment. She only had one chance to win over the judges’ hearts – and she knew exactly how to make it happen!

The lanky teen stood before the judges and gave a brief, shaky introduction of herself and her interests. After wishing Courtney well, the audience fell quiet. It was time for Courtney to shine! As soon as the track “Hard To Handle” by The Black Crowes started to play over the loudspeakers, the eccentric teen jumped into action. Her powerful, unrestrained voice filled the theater and the judges were blown away. The last thing they expected was for Courtney to come out with a performance like this!

The moment Courtney wrapped up her routine, the judges doled out their praise. Everyone shared their remarks – but it was clear one judge really appreciated Courtney’s unique flair. Howie Mandel was thoroughly impressed by the teen’s brave performance and wanted to show her! So he reached his hand across the judges’ table and did the unthinkable! Take a peek at Courtney’s performance, Howie’s shocking actions and her response in the video below. By the looks of things here, this one-of-a-kind teenager has a bright future ahead of her with rock and roll! The Greats are smiling down on Courtney and her spunky soul.