Nervous Teens’ Version Of “The Prayer” Becomes 1 Of The Most Viral Auditions In Internet History


Charlotte & Jonathan – both of them a little more than 16 years. They have already mastered the complex vocal number. From the Queen of the night to normal, Brünnhilde and Turandot. We have compiled a list of the most difficult games for soprano. Is there a limit to the skill of the great soprano?

For this voice is written a lot of parties that we admire and enjoy: throughout the history of the Opera, they opened the world all new talents in the world of music and drama. Mozart wrote The role of Queen of the Night for his sister-in-law Joseph Hofer, famous for her virtuoso singing technique and high timbre.

The two dramatic arias Of the Queen of the Night are filled with coloratura. The voice of the singer rises to unprecedented heights, especially in the Aria “Die Holle Rache” Helen is one of the few roles that Rossini wrote for his first wife Isabella Colbran.

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