Old clip shows 7 year-old Shirley Temple singing!


Beautiful voice! She is amazing! So great singing! You have to watch this video!

Wwatch abd remember this rare and old video! There you will also enjoy an amazing dance!

She was truly talented and you never heard any bad things about her. She brought smiles and happiness to anyone who watched her movies.. Please bring them all back for our young folks can see beautiful talent without the use of violence and no harsh words.

Given below is a vintage footage from 1935. And it features one of America’s most beloved performers of all time. All of us know Shirley Temple and how talented she was. This scene is taken from the film “Curley Top”.

You just might feel a bit of nostalgia when you see the incredible young Shirley age from a little girl to an old woman right before your very eyes as she performs “When I Grow Up”. There are only few child artists in Hollywood who managed to maintain their status even as adults. Shirley was definitely one of them.

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