Onlookers Stunned By Homeless Man’s Flawless Rendition Of Styx Hit


The next time you run into a street performer you may want to stop and play close attention. You may discover a talent like Donald Gould.

Donald, a formerly homeless man from Sarasota, Florida, found a second chance at life simply because he shared his gift with others, and a couple of strangers took the time to appreciate it.

A young couple was walking in Sarasota when they noticed Donald absolutely destroying it on the keys, playing on a public piano outside a local restaurant. The song? “Come Sail Away” by STYX.

It was shocking to see a man in Donald’s condition play so flawlessly. Just look at this guy’s face.

The couple posted the video of Donald playing STYX and it immediately went viral.

They told Donald about the success of the video the next day. That’s when he informed them that he used to play the clarinet in the Marine Corps, was a drum major in high school, and said he went back to school after the military and learned how to play nearly every instrument, from the piccolo down to the tuba.

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