Patriotic Chicken Plays ‘America The Beautiful’ On The Piano


Even if it’s just a well-trained chicken, especially considering that the hens are stupid birds, the owner of this chicken tried very hard and they are both good fellows!

Chickens react to the color red so they peck at anything red. Have it play the song without the light up keys and then I will be impressed!

Now, obviously the chicken can’t play «America the Beautiful» by ear — it’s using one of those self-teaching keyboards with the light up keys — but its skill of knowing to peck the red key is still pretty impressive, for an animal.

That chick can play! A video was posted online that shows a musically gifted chicken pecking piano keys along to the tune of ‘America the Beautiful’.

The chicken follows a red light as it appears under different keys, signalling which one to peck next.

The patriotic pecker is named Jogku, and is a 19-month-old Brahma Bantam who lives in Germantown, Maryland.

She and her fellow coop-mates usually haphazardly pluck and peck toy musical instruments haphazardly, but her owner Shannon Myers decided to see if Jokgu could play a real song.

Jogku was taught to play the song by ‘clicker training,’ a form of positive reinforcement training that shapes behavior. It took about two weeks to get her to play this song.

The end result, posted online by ‘Two Creative Chicks’ is a heartwarming rendition of the classic song as done by a talented chicken.

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