Pedestrian Grabs Street Musician’s Mic — Crowd Cheers When They Realize Who He Is


The coolest thing about strolling around an outdoor marketplace like London’s Piccadilly Circus is that you just never know who you might spot. Perhaps you’ll see a famous actress doing some shopping, or maybe a legendary musician will swing by to perform one of their hit songs with a local busker.

Sound unlikely? Think again!

In June 2017, British rock singer and songwriter Rod Stewart approached a street musician who happened to be playing his 1969 song “Handbags and Gladrags.” At first, it’s not clear that anyone in the vicinity knew that a famous musician was in their midst, but as soon as he starts singing in his trademark raspy voice, everyone around takes notice!

Soon, a crowd had gathered and the singer who usually charges hundreds of dollars for a ticket to one of his concerts gave a very entertaining performance, completely free.

What a fabulous scene to stumble upon for everyone passing by!

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