Pentatonix Brings Jennifer Hudson On Stage For “How Great Thou Art” Cover


Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson is no stranger to giving audiences goosebumps with her incredible vocal chops, but when she teamed up with one of the best acapella groups in the world, the results were simply “aca-awesome!”

Jennifer joined the popular acapella group Pentatonix to perform “How Great Thou Art” for their A Very Pentatonix Christmas special. Jennifer’s powerful voice and the emotion behind her words make for a chilling experience for all who hear it!

The combination of Jennifer and Pentatonix is a recipe for viral success.

Jennifer takes the lead here while the other vocalists harmonize like a choir of angels standing next to her on the stage.

The group has put out a few extremely well-received Christmas albums, but this performance with Jennifer has to top them all!

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