Performances From 1966


Growing up in the ‘60s was special for many reasons that we often allude to on this site. One thing that we can’t stress enough, however, is how spoiled we were when it came to music. Just think of everything that was going on in the music world during this time: you had the British invasion featuring bands like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones; you had surf music emanating from every transistor radio on any given beach; and you had Motown, which provided us with countless hits that could make you dance or make you cry. We also had fantastic live performances the likes of which we’ve not seen since.

This live performance in particular really gave us an appreciation for the music of the ‘60s, and it was by one of our favorite Motown artists of all time. Of course, we’re talking about The Four Tops! In the following clip, you’ll see them perform their smash hit “(Reach Out) I’ll Be There.” You just don’t see the choreographed dance moves, the tailored suits, and the pure talent like you used to.