Pink put her own twist on “Me & Bobby McGee”, and the internet can’t get over how good it is


There are some artists who continue to influence music and people even decades after they are gone. For instance, Elvis Presley is still loved and admired by people around the world, and he has been able to strike a chord even with younger generations. Similarly, Janis Joplin is also one of those musicians who has turned into a legend and an icon now. She was one of the best and brightest voices of the 1960’s, and her songs are still loved today.

Sadly, she had a very untimely death. Janis Joplin passed away when she was just 27 years old. Pop culture now includes her as part of the 27 Club with other musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain. Her powerful voice and free spirit still inspires people today. One of those people is the pop star Pink. Pink is one of the most well-known singers of recent times, and in the following video, she pays tribute to Janis Joplin in her own way.

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