Policemen recreate popular internet dance onstage


The internet has made things so much easier for us. Only a few decades ago, we couldn’t have imagined the extent to which we’d be dependent on the internet. Everything from studying, planning trips, ordering food and communicating with people is being dominated by the web. Interestingly, we’ve come up with funny challenges on social media that’s been keeping people entertained!

You might have heard of the Ice Bucket challenge to raise awareness about ALS. Well, if you have been on the internet these past couple of months, you probably know about the “Running Man” challenge. We have seen lots of videos on the internet where people share their own interpretation of the dance. They were one of the most trending things on the web, and they are also quite fun to watch all the moves!

The New Zealand Police department also decided to join in on the fun as well. They pulled off an amazing routine at the Hip Hop Unite New Zealand National Champs. Their performance on the stage will definitely make you smile. They might not look like it, but these cops are amazing dancers! The audience couldn’t stop cheering when they saw their moves!

This video certainly helps us look at these brave heroes in a new light! Let’s all take a moment to appreciate these guys, shall we?

Check out this amazing video below: