He Pours Vinegar Onto His Garden Plants And They’re Growing Like Never Before!


How many times have we reiterated the fact that vinegar is such a versatile and useful household product? We’re sure there have been many occasions, but we’re not quite done yet! People often discuss the uses of vinegar in the house—cleaning and cooking are two times it’s quite handy.

But have you come across anyone that uses this product in the garden? Because it’s amazing how it works wonder to ensure that even your outdoor area turns out exactly how you want it! So, if you haven’t come across tips and tricks on how to use vinegar in the garden, watch The Dirt Doctor show you all the magic, in the video below.

The first thing that The Dirt Doctor suggests is to add vinegar to your water before you start watering your plants. Yes, you read that right—vinegar to the water. Many of us know vinegar to kill weeds, but by adding a touch of the product to your water before watering your plants, it has the opposite effect. You should be mixing one ounce of apple cider vinegar into each gallon of water you use to water your garden.

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