Principal Takes Center Stage With Step Team


At the last pep rally of the season, Lake Mary High School students got a huge surprise from the school’s principal and members of the school’s step team. The Florida high school’s step team, Unity Revolution, had been keeping a secret from the rest of the school.

The principal, Dr. Donna “Mickey” Reynolds, 49, is new on staff this year, replacing the former beloved principal who transferred to another school. Donna is well aware that it takes time for students to adjust to a new principal, so she decided to do something different to set herself apart.

Unity Revolution takes the floor while students and staff look on. The music starts and the team begins their step routine.

They receive cheers while they bust out their moves, but about a minute into the routine, the entire performance changes. Out of the blue, Donna steps out onto the floor.

She is wearing the signature outfit of camouflage pants, the senior t-shirt and black sneakers. She lines up with the rest of the team, standing proudly in formation.

What happens next has the entire school cheering. Donna was surprised that so many students were on their feet, clapping for her and the step team.

The students were already screaming and cheering for the step team, but when their principal confidently walked out, they went nuts. They wondered what on earth was going on.

But then when she struck a pose, they went nuts! What’s even more incredible is the principal was front and center, keeping up with the kids.

Mom Becky Godwin was there to witness the incredible performance. She posted the video to Facebook, as she thought other people might be interested in seeing what happened at the school that day.

Becky was correct! The footage has since gone viral. Fans around the world are loving what the principal did to engage with her students.

Watch the video to see what the new principal did at the Lake Mary High School pep rally. It’s awesome!