Ray Stevens – Unchained Melody


Absolutely love this!! Grew up listening to Ray Stevens and up until now I have never heard this before. Totally love it, along with all his songs! Ray Stevens has always had a beautiful voice and a great sense of humor. Wonderful man!

Country music legend Ray Stevens put his own twist on “Unchained Melody.” The song is most associated with The Righteous Brothers, who performed the hit song in 1955. It’s since been featured in popular films such as Unchained and Ghost. In Unchained, it was intended for Todd Duncan to sing on the track.

Ray Stevens is the latest artist to give his version of “Unchained Melody.” Back in 2013, he released a music video of himself wearing a fedora and suit as he sang with a backup band. He croons the signature lyrics, “Oh, my love, my darling/I’ve hungered for your touch/A long, lonely time/Time goes by so slowly.”

He’s seen singing in front of various scene changes. Stevens’ backup singers provided their own harmonies to the tune. His backup band played on their various instruments. Fans called Stevens “brilliant” and “genius” for creating this version. Though the original “Unchained Melody” is still pouplar, country music fans are happy to hear this recreated version.

Harold Ray Ragsdale known professionally as Ray Stevens, is an American country and pop singer-songwriter and comedian, known for his Grammy-winning recordings «Everything Is Beautiful» and «Misty», as well as comedic hits such as «Gitarzan» and «The Streak».

He has worked as a producer, music arranger, songwriter, television host, and solo artist; been inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and the Christian Music Hall of Fame; and received gold albums for his music sales.

Stevens was born in Clarkdale, Georgia. While attending high school, Stevens formed his first band, a rhythm and blues group named The Barons. Following his graduation, Stevens enrolled in Georgia State College as a music major.