Ride, Sally Ride! Take A Trip To Learn A Lil More About “Mustang Sally”


This song, Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett came out in the summer of 1966. Every time I hear this song , makes me feel like dancing???

This song is about a girl who lives a wild life in her brand new Mustang car. The singer bought her the car, which transformed her into «Mustang Sally,» and now she’s running around town, paying little attention to her sugar daddy. Picket warns her that she needs to slow it down with one of the great threats in Soul music history: «Guess I have to put your flat feet on the ground!»

This song was written by Bonny Rice, also known as Sir Mack Rice. Bonny started singing with a vocal group called the Five Scalders in 1955 and joined The Falcons in 1957. Eddie Floyd was also in The Falcons, and Mack later wrote songs for him when he went solo. In 1960, Wilson Pickett joined The Falcons and sang lead on their 1962 hit «I Found A Love,» and left the group for a solo career later that year.

In 1963, The Falcons broke up, and in 1965, Rice wrote a song called «Mustang Mama» after visiting his friend, the actress and singer Della Reese, in New York City. Reese told him that she was thinking about buying her drummer Calvin Shields a new Lincoln for his birthday, which Rice, being from Detroit, thought was a great idea. When he mentioned this to Shields, the drummer replied, «I don’t want a Lincoln, I want a Mustang.»

As Rice explained on the 2007 Rhythm & Blues Cruise, he had never heard of a Mustang before, but Shields filled him in. They went for a drive and saw a billboard for a Mustang — Rice couldn’t believe Shields wanted such a small car instead of a big ol’ Lincoln.

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