School Dance Team Puts On A “Wizard Of Oz” Pep Rally. It’s amazing!


Generally speaking, school assemblies can be boring. Teachers droning on about upcoming events, the principal talking about new initiatives and student government members sharing recent accomplishments is just too cookie-cutter and can make even the most attentive children nod off.

That’s why this school’s dance team stepped in to make their assembly one to remember. With a “Wizard of Oz” theme covering the basketball court and the dancers all in costume, the assembly begins…

First, the performers gather together in the center of the court while the teacher films in black and white. The monochromatic nature of the introduction is supposed to remind viewers of the opening scene in “Wizard of Oz.”

Then the students start into their routine filled with complicated dance moves, popular songs and a few sound clips from the hit 1939 film! Most schools wouldn’t dream of entertaining their students like this – but the Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, Arizona, does things a little differently!

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