Scotty McCreery – Christmas In Heaven


The Christmas holiday is a beautiful, glorious time of the year. From rejoicing in our Savior’s birth to spending time with family and friends, it’s a blessed season.

But for those who have lost a loved ones, it also can be a difficult time.  However, country crooner Scotty McCreery has highlighted a way for people who are feeling a bit blue during the holidays to still find a sliver of joy.

Scotty shared the message of cherishing memories through the song “Christmas In Heaven” and it’s exactly right. December hasn’t changed, but any Christmas without loved ones next to us just isn’t the same.

There is hope in those cherished memories, and it’s those memories that can make the holidays feel warm even if someone special is in Heaven. Thousands have been inspired to find peace and joy this Christmas because of this song.

Remember that there is a reason to smile when we think about the words, “I wonder what Christmas in Heaven is like.” And Scotty’s deep, smooth voice will make it easy to do just that.

The lyrics ask if a loved one is singing “Silent Night” with the angels. The words ponder what wonderfulness is unveiled at this spectacular time of year in Heaven.

“Are you kneeling with shepherds before him now; Can you reach out and touch his face; Are you part of that glorious Holy night?”

This Christmas, rest assured that there is joy and celebration in Heaven for your loved ones. Hopefully, that may bring some comfort and solace.

In this atypical holiday hit, Scotty presents the warmth of the holidays in the most beautiful way possible — with a song that has attracted hundreds of thousands of listeners. His fans have commented that while it’s difficult for the loved ones left behind, they know in their hearts that Christmas in Heaven must be a most glorious celebration.

After you hear this song, gather your loved ones next to you this Christmas and cherish the moment! Make this touching and heartwarming song a part of your Christmas, too!