Second Grader Sings A Song Of Johnny Cash


When you were in the second grade, what were you up to? Learning the ins and outs of spelling, reading, math etc? Well, that is basically a given, but were you learning any other skills? Perhaps you started to play an instrument, participate in a dance class? Or maybe you joined an extra curricular art class? Were you any good at it? Because this little guy is going to give second-grade you a run for your money.

In the video below, you will see a young boy who is standing on a stage with his guitar. He’s dressed ever so smartly, and is confident and ready to rock as he stands before the microphone. Then, he starts to play and sing the song, “Ring of Fire” by the infamous Johnny Cash. Does he totally win over the hearts of every person listening/viewing? Absolutely! This little kid is definitely going places.

After listening to the treat that is just under two and a half minutes long, you’ll hear the crowd applauding furiously and the boy merely stands there with a proud yet graceful grin on his face.

It goes without saying that he deserved every bit of praise that he received in-person at the event as well as the many positive and wonderful comments online.

One YouTube viewer said, “His parents must have been shedding tears. This was totally amazing!!!!,” while another viewer admitted, “Amazing!!!! Love this little guy!!!!!!!!!!!  Most kids in second grade are trying to figure out how to play with playdough!!”

Well, there you have it—the next Johnny Cash is on the rise! What an absolute champ! If you’ve adored this video as much as we have, don’t forget to share it with your nearest and dearest—especially those who love Johnny Cash!