She Sits Down At The Piano


Lorelai Mosnegutu was born in Romania with severe physical deformities. She was left for dead by her biological mother, but Lorelai didn’t give up. She was adopted by Mama Vio, who helped her become the wonderful young woman she is today.

Lorelai had no arms, but her adoptive mother made sure she could work with her feet. The 14 year old is an academic all-star and has already written 10 books!

Lorelai is a contestant on this year’s Romania’s Got Talent. You are going to be in awe when you see her gift.

Despite not having both of her arms, this young girl is a brilliant piano player.

When she started playing the instrument with her feet, she instantly brought tears to the eyes of many in the audience. She even sang! Her beautiful performance earned her a Golden Buzzer from the judges.

Watch her incredible performance below! Did you enjoy this as much as we did? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!