She Starts Dancing Alone In Public


Flash mobs have always been a fun and interesting way to gather a crowd. It is always performed in a public area, and it starts off by one or a few dancers suddenly dancing in the middle of a crowd. Gradually, other dancers join in until it becomes a spectacle that you can’t look away from. This has made it a great medium to spread awareness about a matter or even a great way to advertise a product or service.

Aer Lingus did just that. The Irish airline company teamed up with London Southend Airport and organized this incredible flashmob at Lakeside Shopping Center in Essex. It stars off with a single young girl who begins an Irish dance in the middle of the mall. She draws a bit of attention, then the others start joining in.

Slowly, the dancers keep increasing and draw a huge crowd!

The dancers didn’t show any sign of fatigue at all! By the end of the performance, there were 40 of them all dancing the wonderful tap dance together. People couldn’t stop taking their videos and pictures, and it was a surprise when they took off their hoodies and jackets to reveal something totally different underneath it all.

These kids did a really good job, didn’t they? Advertisements are really intrusive and annoying most of the times, but these guys put a fresh new twist into product promotion!

Check out their amazing performance below: