Simon Calls Girl “Nuts” For Singing “Amazing Grace” In A Capella


A capella isn’t as popular as a lot of us may want it to be. I think when you think about this song form, you instantly think the “Pitch Perfect” series because those movies are what is associated with a cappella. But, things are about to change after you watch this next performance.

“The X Factor,” back in 2015, introduced the world to Chloe Paige, a singer who was confident in her song, and form, choice. She got on stage and told the judges that she was going to sing “Amazing Grace” in a capella. Simon instantly looks at her and says, “You’re a brave girl.”

I’m sure this comment made Chloe a tad bit nervous, but she instantly chucked those feelings out the window and began her performance. And are we glad she stuck to her gut! Her act blew everything out of the water! Singing unaccompanied isn’t easy, but the crowd is roaring with cheer while she’s still in the middle of her singing. And, as for Simon — according to him, Chloe deserves a seat in the finals.

Watch the then 21-year-old make a tough choice on stage and how it paid off!