Simon Said Her Song Choice Was Nuts


Chloe Paige was about to sing a capella, but Simon Cowell first declared four words that had her as nervous as ever. This bubbly performer wanted to give an introduction before her performance, which brought about Simon’s comment.

As far as Chloe Paige knew, singing a capella was a way for her voice to be heard in its best light. Yet Simon was extremely cautious, especially after realizing that the song she was about to sing was not only a capella, but one of the most famous songs ever written throughout history.

This song, written all the way back in the 1700s by John Newton, is not only popular because of its beautiful sound, but because of the lyrics that make up the song. Millions of people over the course of time recognize the verses as ones of faith, humility and grace.

To sing it a capella is to sing it as bold as one possibly could. So, when Simon Cowell declared those words, “You’re a brave girl,” he truly meant it.

To Chloe Paige, no matter what anyone said couldn’t prevent her from singing straight from the heart. What she set out to do, even after Simon’s comment, she carried out in full effect.

With a beautiful confidence, Chloe Paige sung “Amazing Grace” in a way that quickly had Simon Cowell realizing that, though it was indeed a bold choice, it was the best choice she could have made. He couldn’t hold back his applause after hearing just how incredible her spin on this classic hymn was.

The audience was blown away by Chloe Paige’s beautiful voice. Their expressions captured in this video illustrate just how amazing her version of “Amazing Grace” is.

Her performance has captured more than seven million views on YouTube. Legions of fans began following Chloe Paige, who pursued a solo career after the talent show wrapped up.

Listen as she stuns everyone in the spine-tingling video below.