Singer Unearths Grandma’s Lyrics From 30 Yrs Ago, Records Song That Has Her In Tears


Sometimes in life, we put our dreams and ambitions on a back burner. Life gets busy, and it’s all too easy to forget about the creative endeavors that were once so important in our youth.

One grandmother from Mountain Home, Arkansas got the surprise of her life when a creative work she’d made thirty years ago came back to her in a truly beautiful way. Her son Robert Smith shared the story of how he and his son, Travis Ryan Smith, visited his mother for Christmas one year and brought along a momento from her past that has the potential to change the lives of their entire family.

Robert explained that Travis has been playing around with recording music. He writes his own songs and sings them in a deep, mellow baritone that suits the country western genre to perfection. He’s clearly a very talented young man, so his dad approached him with a unique idea.

Robert stated:

“My mom wrote this song: ‘Fishing in the Sky’ about 30 years ago and recorded it on a cassette tape. Last year when Travis and I were up here for Christmas, we listened to it. Travis has been recording some music lately; and about three weeks ago, I pitched the idea to Travis to get the lyrics and look into recording it. Today, I had the pleasure of sharing the finished product with my mom. Her reaction is priceless.”

As soon as grandma heard the first few notes of the song, she recognized it. Her face lit up with joy and surprise as she realized that her grandson was singing the song she herself had written all those years ago.

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