Singers Record A Song In The Forest


Wolves howling can sometimes seem so sad. But, scientists believe it is a way to communicate. To let other wolves in the area that this is territory is taken or to help a lost pack member find their way back home; the howl can travel a great distance. Shawn James and Baker, Arkansas musicians, went on tour.

While in Colorado, they visited a wolf sanctuary and sang their cover of A.A. Bondy’s “American Hearts.” It was snowing during the shoot, and you can see a few wolves in the background before they start singing!

Once the singing started, you can hear a few wolves howl. As the song goes on, more wolves join in! Those wolves seemed to really enjoy the song!

The guys in the group did too – they said it was a true highlight. Imagine playing and singing a song and be joined by wolves! A beautiful song and excellent background vocals! Share away, people!