Singing Trio Audition Has Simon Dancing In His Seat! Theay Are Amazing!


50 years of perfection!) Really old school. I can hear this all day long!

Soul food for the ears! I was very impressed by that performance! This was hands down the best performance…

It’s sad their old age is holding the judges/media back from instant Gold Buzzer! They are so good! Their story has really touched my heart because they are admirable!

They had a hit in the 60s, but racial tensions made their label send them home. Now The Masqueraders hit the AGT stage for their second chance. The Masqueraders have been singing together for 50 years and even had a big hit in the 60s. Now they are taking a stab at singing stardom on the America’s Got Talent stage.

And when these three start singing the Sam Cooke classic ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ my jaw hit the floor! Their harmonies are truly amazing, and it is clear by this incredible performance that these guys know how to work together to make some stunning music! I am in awe right now!

The Masqueraders had a Hot 100 hit almost exactly 50 years ago with “I Ain’t Got To Love Nobody Else.” Fast forward to 2017, and the vocal group is mounting a long-overdue comeback by way of America’s Got Talent.

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