Sofie Dossi with final act


Sophie Dossy: the most flexible person who kicks does what you most likely won’t do with your hands. It’s hard to believe that 15-year — old Sophie doxy is human. It is incredibly flexible and knows how to do with their feet what many can not do with their hands: for example, to get a basketball in the basket or shoot a bow.

Sophie was a member of the 11th season of the talent show America’s Got Talent (a prototype of the Russian program “minute of glory”). The acrobat girl passed to the final of the competition, but, unfortunately, did not win. Sophie, who was still in school, claims that all the stunts had to learn for myself and have never worked with a coach.

She began to get involved in acrobatics at the age of 12 after seeing a video with gymnastic tricks. The girl actively leads social networks and regularly posts records of new tricks. On its YouTube signed more than 80 thousand people on Instagram – more than 225 thousand users. So girl, first performed on America’s Got Talent and impressed all members of the jury. Sophie didn’t stop after the show.

She continues to invent new tricks and spread them on the social network. At the moment, her crown number is archery legs. In a recent video, she claims that she broke the world record in archery with her legs (the previous record was hitting the target with 20 feet, about six meters).