Soldiers perform «Here We Go»


Soldiers have a special charm in their looks.

They look neat and really strict in their uniforms. When you think of a soldier you, certainly, think of a strong man with a serious face, that with his entire look exude confidence and masculinity.

Though, the brave men from the video below proved that military men are not only good at protecting and fighting. They may be quite good at dancing and singing as well. Moreover, they can organize an incredible performance to amaze the others.

Soldiers are known for their bravery and courage, but you usually don’t expect them to be contenders for the next “Pitch Perfect” movie!

While United States Army soldiers take their responsibilities and duties seriously, they know how to have fun.

A group of All-American soldiers form a group known as the 82nd Airborne Chorus, and they are incredibly talented. These soldiers from Fort Bragg, NC, go above and beyond the call of duty for everything they do, and their music is no difference.

This group of soldiers looks very intimidating but their perfect movements and soulful voices win the crowd over quickly!

They start singing a song called “Here We Go,” led by one soldier out in front. He has a beautiful Motown-style voice, and the rest of the soldiers complement him well!

In the video below, their sergeant stands in front while the remaining troops line up in formation behind him. Their voices combine for a beautiful and smooth harmony.

I would have loved to have been in the audience for this performance, but thankfully it exists on YouTube for everyone to enjoy!