Stephen Barry Blows Judges Away with His Incredibly Powerful Voice! Watch the Audition.


It seems like there is another candidate, who is advancing to the final of Ireland’s Got Talent, and we think that he is going to win you as well. The addition of Stephen Barry led him to the semi-finals of the show, and he definitely deserves a place among other contestants. The man attended school in his native area and was first introduced to musicals when he was playing Tony from West Side Story.

It was the moment Stephen realized that singing was not only a hobby, but a way of life, and with the support of the audience and the viewers, who are obsessed with the contestant’s voice, the man will surely be going places. Barry admits that he has a dream that has been motivating him and acting as an inspiration over the years.

He wants to win the competition and impress the judges with his vocals only to start performing on the West End shortly afterward. With the singer’s decision to aim for the first place, he has to prove his abilities on the main stage, and though it is a new kind of experience for the performer, he is ready to show his best side to the judges.

As soon as he starts belting out the words of the song, they are transfixed, and as the composition is drawing to a close, Stephen steps off the stage and makes his way to the judging panel, earning a standing ovation from the audience and winning himself a place in the semi-finals. Though there were many contestants on Ireland’s Got Talent that certainly deserved to be mentioned by the reporters the next day after the audition, this guy is unique.

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