Street Performer Begins To Play In Subway, Commuters Stop In Their Tracks At The Sound Of Her Voice


We’re accustomed to seeing street performers in our day to day travels, but it’s very rare for someone to stop people in their tracks with their talent. Least of all on a busy train platform…

Commuters waiting for the Blue Line in Chicago subway were left in awe on their evening travels when street performer, Ashley Stevenson, got out her guitar and began to play and sing. Belting out Fleetwood Mac’s song ‘Landslide’, she moved the platform to silence as they listened intently to her powerful performance.

Ashley, who goes by the stage name of Slim Freedom, is a professional singer, songwriter and street performer based in Chicago. She has been singing in the CTA tunnels to support herself over the past 5 years.

With Ashley’s talent, she should be doing more than singing in the subway; with a voice like hers, she should be in the recording studio sharing her talent with the world. Under the name Slim Freedom she performs in venues locally but maybe one day she will go global.

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