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With Harrison Craig Unchained Melody is something I’ve heard this way for the very first time. The judges just couldn’t say no to this kind of talent. The song was written by Alex North and hay Dawn for the film “chained” (Unchained) 1955.

The film is about the prisoners, so you can guess what it’s about. The hero of the song refers to his beloved, rest on the will: “Honey, are you still mine? How I missed you without kissing you, without hugging you…”and so on. In the film, behind the scenes it is sung by Todd Duncan.

This song has long exceeded 50, and it is still no one can reach. It’s a perfect ballad about love! All the young suitors recommend. If Your girl has taste — she will appreciate. Love and romance will never lose their relevance, which means that Unchained Melody will always excite the hearts of girls!

The song Unchained Melody is the most famous song of the 20th century. Music was written by Alex North and lyrics by Hy Zaret (1955). The song is included in the Guinness book of records as the most re-issued. According to some estimates, the song was performed in 500 versions, in more than 100 different languages.

In 1955, the song Unchained Melody performed by Opera singer and actor Todd Duncan became the main theme of the film Unchained and immediately gained unprecedented popularity, and also received the prize “Oscar” in the nomination “Best song from the movie.”