Supermarket Worker Tests Out Store’s Mic— Shoppers Stop Short When They Hear His Voice


When you’ve got talent, you just never know when you might be discovered!

A recent video taken at Russo’s Supermarket in Watertown, Massachusetts has gone viral after one of their employees surprised everyone with a hidden talent. Guilherme Assuncao, or Gillie, was helping to set up some equipment for a concert scheduled for the next day. Gillie volunteered to test out the microphone, and as soon as he began to sing, everyone stopped what they were doing to stare.

Gilly has one of those voices you just don’t hear very often!

As he sang “O Holy Night,” surrounded by colorful poinsettias, everyone around him got chills. Russo’s uploaded the video of Gillie singing to their Facebook page, and within days he was giving interviews and fielding offers to perform all around Boston.

Gillie is a 23-year-old who came to the United States just two years ago from Brazil. He arrived in Boston six months ago, and he’s been working at Russo’s ever since as he studies computer skills for small business.

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