Superstar Asks Girl To Sing ‘You Raise Me Up’


Celine There is a unique girl with a huge talent. She came out on stage and just started singing. But no one expected SUCH a performance! Sometimes it is simply amazing how talented kids can be!

This little girl’s name is Selin There. She is only 5 years old and lives in Hong Kong. When the baby came to the stage of the Chinese talent show-everyone was touches, but no one expected that the girl brilliantly sings a complex song “you Raise Me Up” wonderful Duo “Secret Garden” and tear the room.

Personally I have from its singing goosebumps antics on the skin. In General, the words are superfluous, you just need to watch this video.

Incredibly, but 5-year-old Celine sings better, than many adults. This is given the fact that English is a foreign language. This little girl has a great future. I am sure that soon her whole world will know.

Elena Fisher charm acts on the interlocutor from the first minute of communication. The fragile 25-year-old girl has no traces of stellar arrogance.

Disarming smile, the ease in communication has transformed the interview in a relaxed and friendly conversation without any taboo. I saw how worried one of the managers of the singer, fearing that Elena didn’t say something.