Superstar Singer Asks Little Girl To Sing Duet, Seconds Into Song, Kid Brings The House Down


This little girl didn’t win the show, but just listen to her duet with Helena Fisher! It’s just amazing! How can such a gorgeous voice be hidden in such a baby?! Young Celine was not able to win America’s Got Talent, but just captivated the entire audience with his incredible talent and voice.

German singer Helene Fischer has invited the girl on the show together with her to sing the song “You Raise Me Up”! Only listen to, as this was divine! Her voice is first heard in Siberia, today he applauded thousands of halls in Germany.

The star of the German Schlager, a native of Russia but came to the land of his ancestors. Born in Krasnoyarsk and became famous in Germany, a popular singer of German hits Helene Fischer shared with Deutsche Welle secrets of success and told about plans for the future.

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