Susan Boyle Sings Chilling Rendition Of “Hallelujah” And It’s Giving The Internet Goosebum


If you’re a music fan, then you’re bound to listen to all the classic singers at one point in time or another. Everyone has their preference for music, and the songs that they enjoy, but a real music junky will listen to everything including the originals such as Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Leonard Cohen.

The latter on the list is renowned for his work in the industry and especially for his song “Hallelujah.” His dedication to singing and passion in the song are both contagious, and there aren’t many singers who can replicate what Leonard was able to deliver in “Hallelujah.”

But it is safe to say that many modern-day singers have attempted to sing renditions of this song and although not every one of them has been successful, there are a couple that stick out for the fabulous range and voice. One of these names being Susan Boyle.

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