Talented Dancers Perform Energetic ‘Cups’ Tap Dance Routine. Mesmerizing!


Everyone remembers Anna Kendrick showing her talented multitasking in the mega-popular “Pitch Perfect”, which became a hit once it came out on the screen. The viewers were so impressed with the movie that they started copying the famous routine and thought that they can do the same. Those, who could not make a rendition, would simply turn on the radio and listen to the tune “Cups” again and again.

It became a phenomenon that captured the imagination of people around the world, and we won’t be exaggerating if we say that both children and adults simply love the tune. Below, you will see the alternative version of the scene that is known from the film.

The award-winning team from Broadway decided to stage a routine, using the tune from the movie, with the number corresponding perfectly to the hit and adding the new layers of performance to the show. The dancers are indeed marvelous. They managed to capture the essence of the composition without changing the main style too much, and we are overjoyed to witness them moving as one.

Tapping can be very complicated, especially when you start doing it as a team, but these guys know that the whole country is watching them, and “Cups” is loved by people from all corners of the world, so they have to impress the audience and show us their best. We have to agree that the movements are difficult, but the precision is simply amazing, so we have to watch it again and again.

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