Teen performs flawless rendition of “I Will Always Love You”


The Voice has become one of the most popular and recognized talent shows around the world. The show is now run in so many countries around the world, and so many people have had the chance to showcase their talents because of it. The show has also started another version just for kids, called The Voice Kids. This video shows an audition from The Voice Kids Germany, and it’s certainly worth a watch.

The young lady in this video is Laura. This 13-year-old was ready to give the best audition of her life. One of the most interesting aspects of The Voice show is how the judges have to listen to the contestant’s voice before judging them. They can only see who’s singing once they’ve hit the buzzer.

Laura decided to sing Whitney Houston’s classic hit, “I Will Always Love You”. It was a bold decision, but she made a right one.

“I Will Always Love You” is not an easy song to sing, yet this talented teen made it look so easy. Her voice was flawless and she totally dominated the blind audition. All the three judges were instantly won over, and hit the buzzer for her. One of them was so moved by the performance that he kept hitting the buzzer over and over! And you can’t really blame them for their overwhelming response—Laura’s voice was just that good!

With a voice like that, she will surely have a bright future ahead of her. Let’s hope she continues her passion for singing throughout her life!