Teens Dance To 60s Song


They went on stage in fancy suits, and showed something unimaginable. If we suddenly constructed a time machine and went to parties of different decades, the calendar could be safely forgotten at home, because the characteristic movements give the era head.

Remember with quiet horror as we danced ten and twenty years ago, and imagine what they were doing at parties, our parents and grandparents. Are you with us? A hundred years ago, in the 20s of XX century, Charleston was fashionable. The primary step is to know everything. Dances of the 60s close to us even in the XXI century.

Jumping from foot to foot-pony step, swimming in the air-swim, twist, movement in the style of Peter Griffin-monkey, shaking his shoulders and, Yes, imitation dive, when one hand you hold your nose, and the second shows how to fall to the bottom — that’s just a dance of the time. The 70s were the disco beat.

Perhaps it is those movements that will easily make every. Remember John Travolta’s dance from the movie “Saturday night Fever” and include the most popular track Bonnie M — then the title of king and Queen disco exactly yours. The 80s were good. The heyday of trendy, loking and other street styles. Names of the movements most can say.