The Grooms Steps Onto The Dance Floor With His Mom


While a wedding ceremony may be the time to respect tradition and formally tie the knot, the wedding reception is the time to cut loose and do whatever makes the bride and groom happy! Okay, so there’s still an element of tradition at most wedding receptions but most couples take this opportunity to really put their personal touch on what many consider to be the biggest day of their lives.

And what’s one of the most spectacular ways a groom can respect tradition while also doling out some creative expression? How about throwing down on the dance floor for the mother-son dance? And if you need any proof, look no further than Jared and his mom.

After a beautiful dance with his new bride, Jared greeted his mother on the dance floor and they proceeded to slow dance rather awkwardly to Celine Dion’s Because You Loved Me. But the music comes to an abrupt halt and that’s when mom and son bust out their shades—it’s go time. A mashup of funky tunes starts playing, ranging from MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This  to Family Force 5’s Chainsaw and the duo get to work, absolutely slaying it with their dance moves!

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