The Koi Boys perform jazzy rendition of Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’


In a stunning performance that seemed to channel a little Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, New Zealand trio Koi Boys put a jazz spin on the Meghan Trainor hit, “All About That Bass.” The song that topped Billboard’s Pop Music Chart in 2014 sounds like it’s been tossed back a few eras to the jazz heyday.

The trio, who according to Stuff named themselves after the Gold Coast’s Koi Dining & Lounge Bar where they’ve performed for eight years, are currently competing in the 2016 season of Australia’s “The Voice.” They clenched their competition spot with the classic harmonies of, “Sh-Boom,” according to the Stuff article.

However, according to TVNZ, their days of throwback style may be limited in the competition. Their mentor Jessie J tasked the group to update their performance with the song “Uptown Funk.”

“We’ve been together for 10 years doing it the way we do it. In one hour with Jessie J she made all those years fly out the window,” they told TVNZ.

Whether they stay with throwback harmony or modern funk, the Koi Boys may be here to stay with their vocal ranges. Pass along this swinging cover and have your friends dancing along as well.