They Came Onstage To Do Their Routine


The video below features an incredible performance which is going to leave you stunned for sure. The awesome acrobatic dancers in the video below are called Valeriy and Yulia.

In this clip we get a chance to see their mind-blowing “Hand to Hand” routine. If you haven’t seen this act yet, you are in for an awesome treat!

The song playing in the background is called “Heartbeat” by Nneka. Yulia seems tiny compared to her partner, but what she lacks in size, she compensates in grace and flexibility.

Valeriy on the other hand is an incredible dancer. Their chemistry is brilliant and their balance is phenomenal as well. I really can’t imagine how much they might have practiced for this single performance!

Watch this breathtaking performance below! Did you enjoy watching this? Be sure to share what you thought about their performance in the comments!