They Started Dancing


The best selection I’ve ever met. The king of New York, Saturday Night Fever (La Fièvre du samedi soir), Mr. Bean’s Holiday is just the beginning. Can you imagine what will happen next.

Great work has been done, the video can be revised again and again. In the list of hundred best songs included rock and pop, hip-hop, trip-hop and dance songs. And if we talk about the melody that sounds against the background of these dances, it’s Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars.

Mark Ronson is a well-known DJ and talented guitarist who became extremely popular back in the 80s, thanks to his first musical compositions. His work was immediately loved by the General public.

After that, he continued to conquer the country not only with the help of his music, but also engaged in the promotion of young talents. Targeted career promotion of the future star begins approximately since 1993, when the guy works as a DJ in club facilities in New York.

Even then, the audience noticed his tracks and a special, so recognizable style of the musician. 2003 became significant for the artist. It was at this time the Brand comes to popularity due to his song “Ooh Wee”.

The audience appreciated the work of the English musician, and critics immediately started talking about his talent. In this very year is published his first solo album “Here Comes the Fuzz”, which brought him considerable popularity.