Tina Turner with Elton John & Cher sing “Proud Mary”!


This is something that is missing in todays music!  The energy, the tunes… Just amazing!Love this song and these singers!

Tina Turner last performed “Shame, Shame, Shame” on The Cher Show in 1975. The two paired up again in 1999 for their rocking performance on VH1’s Divas Live ’99. Tina kicked things off with her song “The Best.” She got the crowd going when she started with her usual high energy performance of “Proud Mary.”

But, the crowd went insane when she brought her old friend Cher. She came out from backstage to sing the bridge from “Proud Mary.” They were for another special treat when Elton John accompanied the divas with his work on the piano. Tina and Cher were even excited to see each other for the first time in years.

Apparently, they didn’t meet or rehearse together before that moment. Their excitement was real and raw and was felt to the audience. The divas of today have nothing on Tina Turner and Cher, as you can see in this incredible performance. Some fans would call this performance “simply the best.”

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