Tiny Little Girl Gets Ready To Dance


Ella Dobler may be a young, but her talent far surpasses her age! Ella is just four years old – and despite her age, she knows that she has the talent to bring home the first-place trophy!

With all of the grace and sophistication in the world, Ella takes the stage during the Rainbow National Dance Competition and is ready to deliver the dance routine of a lifetime! Thankfully, Mom had the camera running the entire time and decided to share her daughter’s incredible skill with the world…

As anyone who knows Ella can attest, she loved to dance practically from the moment she heard music! The rhythm inside her was something that she followed constantly and her love for dance never wavered. Every little movement Ella made was filled with fun and excitement.

Over the years, Ella’s talent began to become more fine-tuned and her family knew it was time to get her into serious dance lessons.

At the age of four (as you see here), Ella was competing on national levels and rivaling some of the best child dancers in the country. Time and time again, Ella would place or take home the top prize!

That’s why her showstopping performance at the Rainbow National Dance Competition came as no surprise.

When the music to “Heaven on Earth” starts playing, Ella begins to walk across the stage and sits quietly before the audience! Then the music explodes just like her impressive dance moves!

Ella moves across the floor like a swan and each move is as close to perfect as possible! It’s not every day that you see a four-year-old dance like an experienced professional!

It makes total sense that she took home first place overall!

Since this competition, Ella has continued to spend her days traveling across the country with her dance troupe, the New Level Dance Company. In fact, she’s won several prestigious dance titles this year like the Regional Mini Miss Ruby Showbiz 2017, Regional Little Miss Step Up 2017 and the Petite Miss Leap Sensation 2017.

It’s clear that her skill is something that people all over the world appreciate and she doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon! No one can deny that Ella is going to go far with her passion for dancing.

Take a peek at her incredible routine to “Heaven on Earth” by pressing “play” on the video below.